Team building

Organisation of team-building days on the farm

A positive working atmosphere is vitally important to achieve an optimal result. The Laneffe fortified farm, located near Charleroi, Namur and the French border, offers companies a team-building service. Work colleagues will have fun doing various activities directly related to the agricultural sector.

Activities on the farm to tighten links within a work team

Team-building days at the Laneffe fortified farm offer a range of assets:

  • Agricultural focus: the various activities organised for companies are directly related to the agricultural world. Throwing bales of hay, driving a tractor, milking cows, games in the fields, etc. – all these are occupations that will provide amusement and tighten links within a team.
  • Full day: the owner, Danielle, takes care of organising your day. Suitable equipment, organisation and implementation of activities, lunch, refreshments at 4.00 pm. You will benefit from a full service package.
  • Listening to companies: the team-building days are organised in line with the wishes of the company. It chooses the activities it wants to take part in. The fortified farm takes care of organising the team-building day.

Seminars, residential or not, and conference rooms

In addition to various fun-filled agricultural activities, the Laneffe fortified farm provides three meeting rooms for companies on team-building days. These are also available for one-day or residential seminars (guests sleep in the fortified farm).

Feel like sharing an enriching experience on the farm with your work colleagues? Do not hesitate to contact us to book your team-building day.