Laneffe, city of Saint-Eloi and fiefdom of ancient marches or military buffer zone of which its past events have entered the annals of history, is one of 16 villages depending on the central commune of Walcourt.
The most noteworthy building is the fortified farm which was first built in 1604. This farm, which is still working, also offers a warm and comfortable welcome to tourists.
« On the banks of the Thyria, it is a huge walled neoclassic farm built in limestone, rebuilt at the end of the XIX c. then partially rebuilt in 1923-24 following a fire during the 1st world war. In the stables E, foundations laid in the XVII c. as attested by a small square window ornate with coronas, the last vestige of modern day fortified farms of which this building probably copied the layout. Slate and Eternit roofs.»
Source : Le patrimoine monumental de la Belgique (Belgium Heritage)
You will value discovering these superb and imposing ramparts and the owners will have great pleasure in telling you its history

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